Wedding Guest

Can I tell you how excited I am to actually be a guest at a wedding this year?  I go to many each year, but always as the wedding photographer.  I will get to dress up, wear heels (which is a no no when shooting the wedding!), have cocktails, actually sit down for the full meal (typically it’s just a quick 6 1/2 minute shovel of heavy carbs in my mouth to sustain my stamina for the rest of the night) and dance with my hubby.


Now, what shall I wear?  I’ve been working out very hard with P90X and a self made Circuit Training course.  So, I’m thinking something to show off my shoulders and arms.  The wedding is in July so I’m not worried about being cold!


A few options I like…


Pinned Image


Love that necklace!  Coral and gray are a great combo.

Vintage Rhinestone Layered Necklace

black dress perfection


turquoiseMy favorite color!!


Now to Shop My Style& Ebay – maybe a thrift store or two- to see who has what I’m looking for in my budget: 🙂


BUDGET $50 for total ensemble!


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