The Crazy Momma Birthday Planner


For some unknown reason when I was 13, my family stopped celebrating my birthday.  Why? you ask.  I still to this day have NO idea. 

So, instead, I live vicariously through my children.  My ‘peanut’ will be 7 in a few short weeks.  I theme Every birthday party to age 14.  After that, they get to choose a cool thing to do with friends and family just send cash/gift cards, if they choose.  But the little man still gets a themed party and this year he choose:


Pinterest has been fantastic for ideas!!  I’ll put up links later today to these great ideas!

Homemade Tip for Lego Birthday Cake

His grandmother is making a cake similar to this!


Photobooth Idea-  just need to find a Sign Company to print this.

for easy purchasing.  The above image was from her sons birthday… I love EVERYTHING about it!

MODERN LEGO Inspired Birthday Party - Customized - Printable Age Sign

An idea for the entrance!

from the inside of a lego store somewhere on earth… I think I’ll take the ceiling cue to create a wall of lego shapes made out of posterboard in lego colors… cheap and a major statement.

More ideas in the next post!

I came across this article from $5 Dinner Ideas for an inexpensive party idea written by Dana Strohmaier for her 3 kiddos whose birthdadys are all within a week of each other.  Read her and check out her FABULOUS site!

The 67 cent Birthday Dinner

by Dana S on March 20, 2012

I am in the throws of planning an animal themed birthday party for my soon to be 7, 4 and 3 year old  children (all of their birthdays fall within 1 week of each other). The bash  will be held at a pet shop where the kids will have a tour of the aquarium and  get to play with various animals. When I first scheduled the party, I  winced when I calculated what it would cost  to order pizza. Then a  friend suggested that I could make my own version of a animal themed “Happy  Meal”. The kids and I made “Doggy Bags” using a free  download on Martha Stewart.  The best part (other than the price) is  that almost every item could be packaged ahead of time.


  • Pb & J Sandwiches cut into dog shapes with a cookie cutter (freezing  instructions if you want to make these ahead of time)
  • Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies
  • Baby Carrots (ie. bunny food)
  • Gummy Fish swimming in Blue Jello (instructions)

Photo0105 480x640 2 225x300 The 67 cent Birthday Dinner

Our “Doggy Bags”

Price Breakdown:

  • Loaf of bread: $1.29
  • 3/4 of jar of Peanut Butter: $1.94
  • 1/2 jar of Jelly: $0.70
  • Box of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies: $3.39
  • 4 boxes of Mixed Berry Jello + 1/2 bag of Gummy Fish: $3.68
  • Bag of Baby Carrots: $1

Total Cost: $12 or $0.67 per child

What is your favorite way to save on birthday  meals?

Read more:

Article by Dana

Dana Strohmaier is a registered dietitian who loves to nourish her family  for less! While working hard to pay off debt, she has learned to shop for  healthy food on a limited budget of only $15/person per week. Dana is taking a  break from blogging on her own blog but can’t wait to share deals here at $5  Dinners!


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